Is it time ….to transform your problem and enjoy your life? 
Change you're in charge of is empowerment... why not empower yourself & join the 100s of clients who have worked                         with us and experienced their own transformation?                                                                                                             As seen on BBC Alba 

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Is it time to stub the last one out and to be free of the Cigs or Vape or Joint?

Stopping Smoking

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Stress affects us all … but when you aren't coping with it - Is it time to look for help....Is it time for you to feel some calm and peace?

Stress management can be arranged for groups too.

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Based in Erskine which is within 10 minutes of the M8 motorway and Glasgow Airport, its easy to get to from Paisley, Renfrewshire, Glasgow, Dunbartonshire, North Ayrshire and Argyll. If you come from further away I am happy to arrange appointments to suit ferries, flights or other travel arrangements.    


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Lighter, Slimmer, Fitter ? Is it time to enjoy eating healthy food & lose the weight without a diet?

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 Transform to a family - Treatment for Childbirth or Fertiity.  There is a strong base of evidence that supports the benefits of being relaxed during childbirth or during fertility treatment .... and the NHS now promotes hypnosis to help with childbirth.  This is offered either as 1:1 or on a couples basis.

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GDPR and Your Data.  

On the 25th May 2018, as many of you will know Data Protection Regulations took effect in the area of the EU.  

Consequently we have a new Privacy Policy including a statement about the use of cookies on our website, which can be accessed here and should be read by everyone who is considering hypnotherapy or wants to know about how this might affect them.  



Are you fed up being stuck on the ground?  Is it time for you to rise above your fear of flying?  Are you ready to go places ? ...

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What some of our clients have said:

Delighted to receive this at the weekend from a client I saw 2 months before. 

"Just a quick message, It's ** the guy who came for gambling! I've still not been gambling since coming to you and I've saved a fortune! We went our lovely holiday and everything is just that bit better. So thank you very much!" 

"Jack passed!! I have no idea what you did, but it worked & we can't thank you enough.  He is over the moon but strangely calm lol" from the parent of a recent client well deserved for him - passing a driving test, when nerves had got in the way several times before.

"This is wonderful, I'd have no hesitation in recommending you." Client seen for weight loss.

"It's over 2 years since I came to see you and I still have no problem flying" Client seen for flying phobia.

"I still can't really believe I've not smoked for over 3 years".  Client seen for stopping smoking.

"Christine is amazing,approachable ...I've dropped 2 dress sizes, and am more confident.." Weight loss client.

"I've never smoked or had any cravings after my second appointment." Client seen for stopping smoking - 5 years before this lovely comment .  

If they can change - could you?



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