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For me the lovely thing about being busy - is that I can make a positive difference in people's lives:  the negative is that some of my projects and goals end up falling behind.... and sadly the Blog last year has been one of them.  So with better intentions - there will be some self-help hints as well as some information about mind-set and ideas on "how-to" make positive changes for yourself.  

Springing into Spring

Posted February 2018:


As I have started writing this - it has just started to snow!  Recently I have noticing little signs of spring - slightly longer days and my favourite sign that winter is ending - Snowdrops; but at the moment snow is falling steadily.

Spring often is a good time to clear out old rubbish and this can be a good time to make positive lifestyle changes too, old habits are like junk and can get in the way of the life we want.  Our New Year Resolutions are now far behind us and for the majority of people by the end of January they are just a memory!  Perhaps this is a recurring theme from year to year.  However change is really possible!  In the last few months I have seen several clients make positive changes to their lifestyles - some that did not even believe this was possible- and you can too!   

Resolutions are a type of plan - you'd like to experience the change, but it's just in your head at that stage.  The thing about plans is that unless you move or change something plans will stay as dreams - just inside your mind.  So this spring - you know if you start a little change, a change for your own benefit: that it can be the beginning of changing your dream into your reality.  Perhaps when you look at a flower coming through and see the change it makes to the ground around it; you can start moving into a positive change for yourself.



Dealing with Stress

Posted October 2017

Many of my clients report feelings of stress, anxiety and even being overwhelmed by everything in their lives ... even if that is not why they come to see me.  To some extent most of us feel stressed at one time or another- and that can be good.  It is our body's way of keeping us safe and well, and for short periods that works - as it was designed.  The reason stress has such a bad name, is that long term stress can be harmful, emotionally and physically!! Our modern lives are often constantly stressful - especially if there are lots of ongoing sources of stress e.g. work, family or caring responsibilities, financial pressures, relationship issues etc., etc.  ... These types of stress just don't go away quickly.

So for a few quick solutions. 

Keys for stress:

  1. A little daily exercise, this can be just a regular few minutes or a longer daily routine.  It doesn't need to be very intense, just something you can do and commit to doing every day- that way you will find it easier to adopt it as a permanent part of your life.  I have clients who have adopted a daily walk (or several shorter walks), have started yoga or gone back to swimming.  The gym is an option but not for everyone.  If you like being with others a fitness class may be your thing, or try a few different things and settle on the one (or ones) that you like and feel most benefit from.  Movement is good for us.  We often don't move enough in our lives - we sit in cars instead of walking places, many of us work at desk based jobs, we sit to watch TV, Videos etc. and we seldom experience any of the natural endorphins (happy hormones) that our body releases during exercise.  When we are stressed the body gets ready to fight or run because of the release of hormones like adrenalin. Constant high levels can cause medical problems - regular exercise can help to restore balance - both emotional and physical. So - start today - make a date with yourself - find a little time and move.  Your mind and body will both thank you for it! (written 3 Oct 2017)

  2. Sleep  - Did you know that for most of us, 7-9 hours sleep is a really good thing!   Just like water, air and food - we need to sleep. While insomnia can be caused by stress, lack of sleep actually causes stress too - both physical and emotional. Our bodies are programmed to work better when we find a balance - and the balance between times of being awake and being asleep is vital - to our energy levels, also to our health, our immune system and even our life expectancy!  After a period of good sleep there is actually more oxygen in the fluid that bathes our brain and spinal cord - no wonder we feel better after a good rest!  Yet our modern lives demand more and more that we live 24/7.  We expect a 24 hr availability for shopping, fast food, fuel, banking .... and so on.  As a nurse, I know that health emergencies can happen any time.  The other side is that if you have had to stay awake for 4 nights in a row (or even up to 8 nights) getting eight hours restful night sleep after a run of night shifts can end up feeling like bad jet-lag!  Bad if it's occasional - worse if it's a regular feature of your normal life.  For some this is an unfortunate, occupational hazard.  But there are things you can do to help yourself.  To get a better night try: no caffeine after 2pm, take decaf or water based drinks.  Eliminate all blue light from sleeping areas and reduce it before bedtime- so no TV, DVD, tablets or phones.  If you want to read - try an old fashioned book.  No heavy meals late in the evening: this also helps with weight loss; if you tend to waken hungry during the night take a little protein-based snack before bed. Reduce or stop alcohol in the evening, like any drug alcohol will impact your sleep- while it might help you drift off - it changes the sleep structure and you will be less rested in the morning. A regular routine at bedtime - things that signal you are ready for bed start to give you a sleep habit. If you tend to waken worried - make a list of concerns before you go to bed, then put the list away, tell yourself they will look better after you have slept on them.  Some quiet meditation, gentle music or self-hypnosis may help you to rest and get into a pleasant sleep.  So start today and help your self to a better night.  (written 14 Oct 2017). 

  3. Check back soon for my next update.














New Year Resolutions Dealing with Stress

posted 13/01/2017

Happy New Year! So we are now into the second, in fact nearly the third, week of 2017.  

By this time of the year the festive holidays are behind us, the decorations are all away and we have returned to "normal life".  I don't know about you, but in mid-January normal life can seem a bit dull, especially this week because it has been so cold, wet, snowy and icey. Our New Year Resolutions - if we made any, or good intentions, can seem a bit old and faded too.  Now maybe you're doing well - if so, congratulations, but perhaps the good ideas have been a struggle or you've been fed up & lost the motivation and are now feeling a bit low about all the seeming optimistic promise of the New Year.  I'd encourage you not to give up yet.  A change that does you good can be a positive empowering feeling for you when it has been achieved! 

Change is a process, and to encourage you I have put together a few pointers.  

1. It takes time to change any habit.  Research would suggest anything between 11 and 30 days might be needed to embed a new habit - so if you've been having a bit of a struggle - just think you're probably about half way there!  Also days 4-7 tend to be the most challenging and you're beyond that now, on the home straight.

2. If you can clearly see your goal and if you have a good emotional feeling about it you are more likely to succeed.  Running a little movie or video in your mind seeing the change you want and feeling good about it can help integrate any change.

3. Encouragement is good for all of us.  Ask a positive trusted family member or friend to help - you can choose what is the best way for you, and if you don't want to share this with anyone else- then be your own encouragement.  Just write yourself a post-it note telling yourself you can do it, or put a photo  in your wallet that connects with what your goal is- or use it as a book mark or as your wallpaper on the tablet, laptop or phone screen.  Gentle little reminders, just to keep you making progress.  

4. Be kind to yourself.  If you stumble a bit, help yourself up and think that most roads don't go straight from A to B, they go round or up and down a bit, but still get to the destination.... you can get there, change is possible, just keep going for it.

I hope 2017 will be a wonderful year for you.  If you'd like further information, or if you think hypnotherapy could help feel free to contact me. 

National No Smoking Day

posted on 02/03/2016

Smoking has become less acceptable - and often this is a good reason to stop, or concern over health or costs.  Are you wanting to stop this year? There is evidence that you can increase your chances of success if you stop with a partner, sibling, colleague or a friend.  According to a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008,  success rates increased if you stop together.  Hypnotherapy to help stop smoking can be effective.  To improve your chances of stopping this year I have put together a wee offer for people wanting to stop with a friend or partner - see Appointments page- Special Offers for details.  

Eating Disorders Awareness Week - When thin is too thin or interest seems obsessive.

posted on 16/02/2016

Next week is the time when awareness is raised over eating disorders.  

Is this an overlooked problem? I think so, especially in the early stages.  

As such a large proportion of the population is concerned with being slimmer and therefore more healthy we tend to overlook the point where too slim is simply not healthy.  Or simply miss what seems to be an extremely healthy lifestyle or even not notice when vomiting after meals becomes a hidden or regular occurrence. A healthy weight range is just that, a range of weight which is considered to be healthy - and just as there are widely recognised medical risks associated with being overweight, there are also serious health implications; both physical and psychological about being underweight or having a behaviour or belief pattern related to food, body image and eating that is in itself unhealthy.  

There are a number of these problems including anorexia and bulimia and while they are often considered a short term problem they often cause a lot of isolation, secrecy and heart-ache both for the sufferers and their families and close friends.  They can also sadly progress to chronic, life-threatening conditions often with long term physical and psychological effects even after apparent recovery. 

They can however be treated.  While hypnotherapy can help these conditions, because of their potential severity, patients should always be under the care of their doctor and/or specialist nutritional and psychological services.   If you are concerned about yourself or someone who may be suffering, a discussion and a visit to the GP may be the best thing to do.  Treatment timing for this, like most conditions is vital- in my opinion, the earlier the better.  

Festive Season
Posted on 10/12/15
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  I never know if it's because the darkness starts to fall in the afternoon, or if it's the cold (or recently- for us- very wet) weather, but around this time of year our thoughts move to Christmas - and whatever that means to us.  Often it's a myriad of memories - some from childhood, others more recent.  For some it will be happy thoughts and lovely plans.  For others Christmas and New Year - whether it's because of loss or disappointment can have a unique pain, that contrasts with all the happy joyfulness that this time is supposed to represent.  Some just put a huge burden of stress on themselves at this time to try and make a perfect time for other people.                             

Some advice from the Mental Health Foundation of the UK can be found at  - there is advice here that can benefit us all.  If this or any other time of year time is very difficult consider a visit to your doctor, who may be able to help or refer you to an appropriate specialist.  There is a link from my Facebook (Erskine Hypnotherapy) page too.

Starting to Change
Posted on 01/10/2015

Happy October! The first day of a new month can allow you a fresh start.... often the things that hold us back are our perceptions or fears, both of which are in our minds. If you set them aside, what could you do this month?  How and where might that lead - and then what.. Change is an essential part of living - our own changes, the ones that we make for ourselves - they are empowering experiences.

Hypnotherapy Directory

Take that first step today:

and Treatment for Gambling Addiction

Posted on 6/8/15


The BBC is currently running a series about gambling – it’s highs and more frequently its lows, those affected and the businesses themselves. Not everyone is addicted but there are those who become quickly drawn in by the thought of a big win, or just recovering their losses.

The best time to get help is now, it can be treatable.
The BBC lists the following for support.…/information-and-support-britain-at-t…
The Hypnotherapy Directory also has some useful information at…/gambling-addicti… .

Sadly for those affected by an addiction to gambling it can be catastrophic in terms of mental and physical health, relationships and obviously finances. 
There are support organisations and there’s evidence that CBT and similar therapies can be effective in treating the addictive behaviour, the thought patterns and habits behind it. 

Often people don’t realise it’s a problem until they are embarrassed by it and then try gambling their way back out of the problem – just getting ever deeper.

Hypnotherapy can also offer a solution: if this affects you please feel free to contact me.

Britain at the Bookies - BBC One
Documentary examining the winners and losers in Britain's gambling revolution.

Insights into hypnotherapy for weight loss

 posted 07/08/14

I often get e-mails and calls from people interested in hypnotherapy to help them with weight loss, and I thought it might be useful if I answered some questions up front for those of you interested in losing weight.

Who am I and what do I know?  My name is Christine Roy and I am a qualified hypnotherapist and nurse and have run an increasingly busy and successful hypnotherapy practice for the last 6 years.  

Q: - Why weight loss, you might ask? 

A: - Simply, because when you have managed your weight successfully your general health and well-being starts to improve.  Also, in my experience, it’s one of the most frequent reasons for anyone contacting a hypnotherapist.  As a health professional with over 25 years’ experience since completing my nursing training, the issue of weight and the health related problems that go hand-in-hand with being overweight, continue to become more common.  If you look back in your own life the chances are that you are heavier than you were ten or fifteen years ago, and your generation is heavier than your parents’ or grandparents’ generations.

So, tackling this, one or two questions at a time, and starting with the more commonly asked questions, over the next few weeks or months, you’ll get some insight into how and why hypnotherapy offers a real alternative to diets.

 Q: - “What actually is hypnotherapy?”  Obviously this is not just related to losing weight but any type of condition that I treat.

A: - Hypnotherapy is a completely natural state.  It is a type of relaxation when although physically relaxed you remain alert and in complete control of your thoughts, which is known as a light trance state.  We all know that when we are comfortably relaxed we are more open to suggestions – that’s largely how TV advertising works.  However a skilled and experienced therapist will be able to take your aims for the treatment and engage your mind with these aims at a deeper level than all the self-talk you’ve probably done up to now.  This in turn starts to change your behaviour the way you want it to be.

Q: - “Can I really lose weight with hypnotherapy, when in the past I have tried every diet or slimming plan under the sun, and although I might lose some weight to start, I end up putting it all back on again?”

A: - Almost definitely, but not quite 100%.  As humans we are totally bowled over by the idea of an event … think of situations where you honestly believed that life would be 100% (or certainly 95%) perfect if only …. You passed your driving test, or your graduation exams, or you dated that special person, you married that special person, you were successful in getting that dream job …. And on and on the list goes.  Well, you probably got some, most, or for a few lucky folk, all of those events – and is life 100% marvellous?  No? Why not?  Simply, because we are so geared to events that as soon as we get our “heart’s desire”, our heart latches onto something else.  Achieving a slimmer you is just the same, it’s a process, just like all these other things were, and you can and will get there, but it takes time and effort and hypnotherapy is not going to work if you really believe that one hypnotherapy session will succeed in making you slim by the next morning.  Overnight miracles might work for Jack and the Beanstalk, but if you have 15, 30 or 60 lbs or kg to lose, it just isn’t going to happen overnight.  But hypnotherapy can really work to motivate you to keeping to that goal, if that’s what you want.  You can start to feel differently regarding your health.  Also it’s not for everyone - There are one or two conditions that are contraindicated for hypnotherapy and if you have a history or have ongoing physical or mental health problems I would always advise you speak to your doctor first – it keeps you medically safe and your doctor knows you best.