Erskine Hypnotherapy
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Stress and Anxiety

These common problems potentially can affect almost all of our lives, but it is recognised that it has an increased impact during certain times in life e.g. times of loss or change - even what seems like good changes can cause a degree of stress e.g. the long awaited promotion can give rise to a lack of confidence or a self doubt that causes anxiety. .  

As well as the psychological effects, stress can have physical effects on our body from headaches and muscle strain to IBS and insomnia.

Stress is no respecter of status or age and even those who seem successful can succumb.  Hypnotherapy, because it bases a lot of its success on that natural calm relaxed state can be a healthy way to manage stress.  

Understanding some of our responses to stressful situations can be help us to work on our thoughts and therefore our emotions to allow us to change our own stress and aid in recovery.

If this describes you - consider hypnotherapy as an option for stress and anxiety management.