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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

What is a Gastric Band?      

The Gastric Band is a small adjustable inflatable band around the upper part of the stomach it is inserted during a surgical procedure and is placed with the aim of restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold.  

As the upper part of the stomach is partially closed from the lower part there is a feeling of fullness much sooner so the amount of food that can be eaten at one time is limited.  

You feel fuller earlier and for longer so the amount you would normally eat is reduced, helping you lose weight safely and effectively. The band can be adjusted once it is in place - giving more control over the rate of weight loss.

A Virtual Gastric Band is a hypnotherapy based technique aiming to achieve the same effects without the need for invasive surgery. This means that the possible complications of any surgical procedure such as wound infections or anaesthetic risks are eliminated.

What's wrong with a diet?

 In short there is nothing wrong with a healthy diet. So called "Crash Diets" have generally been shown not to work in the long term - but gentle steady weight loss works best.

If you just need a bit of motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle - a balance of sensible eating habits, reasonable rest and exercise - and if your weight is not a major problem then chances are that Gastric Banding is not for you. 

If you just need a little focus and guidance then I can offer a healthy life balance package personalised for you.

When is Gastric Band by Hypnotherapy appropriate?

Gastric Band by Hypnotherapy is primarily for use when diet and exercise alone are not working. If your weight constantly increases after each diet and / or your weight is not healthy and putting you at risk of more health problems, then Gastric band by Hypnotherapy may be the answer.

 Please note that as a matter of both patient safety and professional courtesy,  your GP will be contacted before we start any treatment. 

Background of Virtual Gastric Band


Some statistics  - Why is Gastric Banding necessary?

In the "developed" world, we have been able to afford more and better food over the last fifty to hundred years.; we also generally carry out much less physical activity. 

This results in much higher rates of illnesses related to being overweight or obese, for example heart disease, type two diabetes, strokes, arthritis, some cancers, infertility, high blood pressure and high cholesterol - many of these conditions can combine to make matters worse. If you have type two diabetes you are more likely to have a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure.

It is estimated that in the UK as a whole, over 60% of adults and 30% of children are overweight. Over 30,000 people die prematurely each year from obesity related conditions.

Figures from 2009 show over a quarter of adults in Scotland were clinically obese (BMI 30kg/m 2 or over). Some experts believe that obesity is responsible for more ill health than smoking!

Weight management surgery has been around for over thirty years - and is being used more. However it has risks like infection which can be worse if you already have underlying health problems. Waiting lists may be long and it is expensive - private treatment costing over £5000.

Is this for me?

 Maybe it is time to make a change - does Gastric Band Hypnotherapy make sense for you? If it does then just contact us.