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My Approach

Therapy works best if it is available where and when suits you. 


Therapy allows you to decide if you would prefer to see me face to face, either in Erskine or in Helensburgh,  or on line by Zoom call.  You can also choose whether you would prefer me to work with you as an individual or as part of a group or workshop.  


Workshops and groups (although not available for all issues) run at various times during the year and are recorded so that if you are unable to access the live calls you will have access to the recording.


Concentrating on your stated goal for therapy, I work with you in a solution focussed way. 

Using relaxation, stress management, and cognitive behavioural, evidence based therapies; clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to help empower you to make the changes you want. 

This can be effective for reducing or stopping long standing fears, stress, anxiety, and unhelpful habits.  Helping you to a healthier lifestyle. 

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